The role of a catalyst

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This effect is called catalysis. A reaction involving a catalyst is a catalytic reaction. The effect is usually to accelerate the reaction, for example, iron catalysts can greatly accelerate the conversion of nitrogen and hydrogen to ammonia, making it possible for the ammonia industry. If the effect is to slow down the reaction, it is called a negative catalyst, e.g. a small amount of alcohol, phenol or sucrose can inhibit the oxidation of a sodium sulfite solution by oxygen dissolved in water.














However, it should be noted that when methyl silicone oil is used as a flow control agent, the number of methyl silicone chain links n=5~100 and the viscosity of 0.001~0.1Pa·s should be selected. This kind of methyl silicone oil is more effective in solvent-based coatings. Good solubility and compatibility. Their dosage should also be selected from 0.01% to 0.5%, which can be selected according to the test of different coating systems.

Polyether modified silicone oil is a leveling agent commonly used in the coating industry to prevent the above drawbacks. For example, BY K-300 (301, 303, 344) belongs to this series of products. The effective factors of this type of leveling agent are mainly determined by its chemical structure, and are not affected by the amount of this type of silicone oil. In the case of increased use concentration, it will not produce incompatibility and negative effects on the paint base.

2. Anti-slip and anti-scratch effect
Silicone oil has small interaction force between molecules, low surface tension, and good surface activity. Therefore, it can penetrate into the surface of the coating film and play a role in slipping and scratch resistance. But adding too much will produce defects such as shrinkage holes and edges. Although the phenyl-modified michelman paraffin wax emulsion silicone oil has good compatibility with the coating substrate, its slipping effect is limited. Polyether modified silicone oil is a common slip agent and anti-scratch agent used in the coating industry. Polyether modified silicone oil has good compatibility with the coating substrate through the adjustment of the chemical structure, and does not produce negative effects such as shrinkage. This type of silicone oil can increase slippage, prevent shrinkage and increase coating flow. Aspect effect.

The viscosity of methyl silicone oil used as slip agent can only be selected at 100~400mPa·s or slightly higher. Methyl silicone oil with this viscosity is easier to locate on the surface of the paint film to play the role of slipping, scratch resistance and gloss enhancement.


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