What is hot melt glue?

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Hot melting glue is a plastic glue that can be used in industries such as arts and crafts, electrical appliances, clothing, toys, books and periodical packaging. Within a certain temperature range, the physical state of hot melting glue changes with the temperature, while the chemical properties remain unchanged. Hot melting glue is a non -toxic and tasteless environmental glue. The adhesive melts to 180-150 ° C twice in the oven, and then press the composite material on the surface in the oven.








Generally speaking, the bonding of hot melting glue is to melt the hot -melt glue through the hot -melt rubber. The melted glue becomes liquid, and then sends it to the surface of the sticky object through the hot -melt rubber tube of the hot melting rubber gun and the hot melt rubber. After the hot melting glue is cooled, the bonding is completed. In order to give full play to the advantages of hot melting glue in bonding, it is necessary to match the high -quality hot melting glue with the corresponding quality and performance hot -melt glue machine.

The hot-melt rubber sprayer is a small manual sprayer. Just put the glue into the container, PE wax for hotmelt adhesive and then adjust the temperature to about 100-150 degrees to continuously use it. This machine is generally suitable for small areas such as carton, wooden products, veneers, and luggage. The hot melting glue is a solid at room temperature, and it becomes liquid after heating, reducing the amount of coating, saving costs, and a wide range of applications.

The main uses of hot melting glue are: furniture edge; home decoration; book binding; leather glue; shoe production; hot melting tape. It can also be sprayed, which is impossible for any solid hot melting glue, so it can be applied to the surface of various shapes. It can also be brushed by hand after heating in a small rice cooker, which is very convenient for the application of small products.


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