Form of catalyst

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Catalysts can be gaseous substances (e.g. nitrogen oxide), liquid substances (e.g. acids, bases, salt solutions) or solid substances (e.g. metals, metal oxides), and some exist in a colloidal state (e.g. enzymes in living organisms). In the catalyst industry, the main products are solid catalysts.













Control paint blooming
Pigment floating and uneven mixing can cause horizontal blooming of the paint surface. The reason is that the migration speed of pigment particles in the paint is different, and the migration speed of large particles and flocculated pigments is slower than that of small particles. When organic pigments and inorganic pigments are used together, the difference in particle size is more obvious, resulting in uneven mixing and uneven appearance of paint film.

Active silicone oils such as hydrogen-containing silicone oil and hydroxy silicone oil or polyether modified silicone oil can be used as anti-floating agents or anti-floating agents. Among them, polyether modified silicone oil is the best, and it also has many functions such as leveling, slipping and scratch resistance. The surface tension of the above-mentioned silicone oil is low. After adding the paint, on the one hand, it can eliminate the uneven distribution of the pigment level by eliminating the difference in the surface tension of the wet paint surface; on the other hand, this type of silicone oil uses hydrogen bonds or hydroxyl groups. Its activity is chemically bonded to the surface of the hydrophilic inorganic pigment to coat the pigment particles, making the surface of the pigment oleophilic and hydrophobic. The modified pigment is easily wetted by the base resin, resulting in a uniform flocculation phenomenon that is easy to disperse. This method can eliminate uneven mixing, which can not only achieve the purpose of preventing blooming and floating, but also prevent precipitation and paraffin wax emulsion msds agglomeration, so that the paint surface is smooth and shiny, and the coating film is resistant to wear, salt spray and waterproof. And other performance. This method can also reduce the viscosity of the paint and increase the amount of pigment added in the paint, but it will not affect the fluidity of the paint. It is also possible to pretreat the pigment with silicone oil, and then add it to the paint, which has the same effect.

Coating defoaming effect
Silicone oil is used as a defoaming agent in coatings, mainly to take advantage of its low surface tension and surface activity. As a defoaming agent, silicone oil is often selected as a silicone oil with poor compatibility with the coating system and a viscosity of 2000 to 50000 mPa·s. The higher the viscosity, the more effective the defoaming, but the side effect is the greater the tendency to cause shrinkage. The amount of defoamer should be appropriate, too much will affect the adhesion of the coating film.


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