Introduction of water-based drying agent

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This product is compounded with vanadium carboxylate and cobalt, zirconium and other metal salts, it is a It is an efficient, non-toxic, inexpensive water-based drying agent with strong oxidation polymerization. It can replace cobalt, manganese, lead and calcium at one time. It can replace cobalt, manganese, lead and calcium as multi-component drying agent. It can significantly improve the dryness, hardness, adhesion and water resistance of paint film. adhesion and water resistance, non-toxic non-toxic, low odor, non-yellowing, and can effectively reduce It is non-toxic, low odor, non-yellowing and can effectively reduce the cost of the product.












The influence of the amount of addition on the wear resistance and gloss In the coating, the amount of the wear agent has a suitable optimum range, below this range, the wear resistance effect is not obvious; beyond this range, the improvement of the wear resistance is not obvious .
Figure 13-21 is a pre-coated coil acrylic topcoat (film thickness 15um) with fine glass fiber (length 20~100jm, diameter 10~15pm), glass flakes (thickness 3ym, through 325 mesh) and silicon dioxide (SiO2) Powder (passing 325 mesh) is used as abrasion resistance effect of abrasion resistance agent.

Addition amount (mass fraction) P Addition amount (mass fraction) P
Several inorganic wear-resisting agents are applied to various pre-coated coils with glass how to wax resist fiber in Figure C 1322
Abrasion resistance effect in olefinic acid pre-coated coil coatings Abrasion resistance effect in film 1 a glass fiber; 2 a glass flake; 3-SiO2 powder: 1-polyester; 2-acrylic; 3-fluorinated polymer;
Taber abrasion meter, visual endpoint method (open bottom) 4-acrylic acid (low-temperature baking type); 5-alkyd;
(Wear wheel CS -10, load 500g) 6-ethylene polymer

The film thickness of the primer is 5um, and the film thickness of the topcoat is 15pm. Taber abrasion meter, visual endpoint method (exposed)
(Wear wheel CS -10, load 500g)
In the pre-coated coil coatings, the wear resistance effect of the three inorganic wear resistant agents is not obvious when the addition amount exceeds 10%; the same is glass material, in terms of improving wear resistance, glass flakes are more effective than glass fibers.
In different types of coatings, there are also differences in the wear resistance effect of using the same anti-wear agent. The wear resistance effect of different specifications of glass fiber in the coating film of different types of pre-coated coils shows that there is a big difference in wear resistance effect in the case of the same addition amount.


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