Uses of water-based drying agent

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It can be used for waterborne alkyd paint, waterborne propylene modified alcohol paint, waterborne epoxy ester modified paint Water-based phenolic lacquer and other products.












In order to obtain high-efficiency abrasion resistance of the coating film, in addition to selecting the appropriate type of wear-resistant agent, it is also necessary to select the appropriate amount of addition through experiments.
Using these three kinds of inorganic anti-wear agents, the data of the coating film gloss change with the addition amount of the C coil coating.
The greater the amount of anti-wear agent added, the more obvious its matting effect on the coating film.
The effect of glass fiber and glass flakes with the same specifications and the same material on the surface gloss of the pre-coated coil coating film.
The extinction effect of glass flakes is slightly less than that of glass fiber.
The effect of glass fiber and glass flake addition on the surface gloss of pre-coated coils
1 one polyester ten glass flakes; 2 one polyester + glass fiber; 3 one acrylic ten glass flakes; 4 one acrylic ten glass fiber
The effect of particle shape on the wear resistance of the coating film. The same wear resistant agent is used in the coating, and its external dimensions (diameter, length) are different. Even with the same amount of addition, the wear resistance effect is also different. Table 13-18 shows the length and diameter distribution of glass fiber anti-wear agent used in pre-coated coil coatings. Tables 13-19 are the gloss and wear resistance data of the pre-coated coil coating film added with glass fibers of different dimensions.
Polyester 20 25 12 845
15 26 1100
10 15 19 1200
20 17 21 1285
Taber abrasion meter, visual endpoint method (showing the bottom).


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