The role of wax additives in floor coatings

2022-01-18   Pageview:271

Polyethylene wax often plays an anti-sedimentation role in flooring paints. The structure is made of ethylene and other monomers under high pressure by free radicals poly-all reaction, and it can also be made by degradation method reaction production. Sometimes it is produced by oxidizing and introducing a variety of polar groups such as carboxyl groups. The powdered wax is dissolved by heating after adding a part of solvent and holding at 60 degrees, and dispersed into a paste, which plays a thixotropic and anti-sink role when added to the flooring paint.

It is comparable to several other anti-sink substances, and the anti-sink effect with polyethylene wax is more ideal, but the composition is also higher, which is more suitable for high-grade coatings. The high-grade of flooring paint just follows this trend, and with the frequent development, the range of products with outstanding performance being accepted will be larger and larger.

Polyethylene wax has a uniform particle size and is quite transparent, which is unmatched by similar products. How much wax powder can be added to the flooring paint to make it wearable? The amount of wax powder added to the flooring paint depends on the system and formula used, and is generally 0.5-2% of the total formula. Nanjing Tianshi engineers suggest that it is better to wet it with solvent or mixed solution before adding to the printing ink.

Application and properties of PTFE-modified PE wax

1, Ultra-fine micronized PE wax providing excellent scratch resistance and excellent matting, transparency.

2, the flexibility of polyethylene to provide the anti-scratch performance of the spit, wax powder particle size is tiny and uniform more to provide the performance of the put caking.

3, due to the particle size is very small, can significantly reduce the offset printing process ink pile or brush on the way to the phenomenon of paint pile.


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