Application of high purity magnesium oxide 99.9% MgO

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It is widely used in high temperature heat resistant materials, ceramic materials, electronic substrates and other materials inside.














Some fluorocarbon surfactants can reduce the surface tension of the aqueous solution below 20mN/m at a concentration of 100~200mg/kg. For hydrocarbon surfactants, the limit value that can reduce the surface tension of the aqueous solution is between 25 and 35 mN/m, while for fluorocarbon surfactants, the limit value that can reduce the surface tension of the aqueous solution can reach between 15 and 20 mN/m, even Lower. At the same time, the value of surface tension is related to the concentration of surfactant and the length of the carbon chain at the hydrophobic end of the surfactant. For the same surfactant, increasing its concentration within a certain range can reduce the value of surface tension. Table 17-3 lists the surface tension data of price of ptfe powder fluorosurfactant C, FisC ON(R) CHzCHzCHzCHzSO; Na compounds at different concentrations of water [20]. For surfactants with similar structures, as the number of carbon chains increases, the surface tension value of the aqueous solution is greatly reduced at the same concentration.

Critical micelle concentration (CMC) value of aliphatic potassium salt and perfluorocarboxylic acid homologue in aqueous solution.

Carbon number
It can be found from the table that as the number of carbon atoms increases, the critical micelle concentration (CMC) value decreases sharply. For every increase of CF 2, the CMC value can be reduced by about 10 times, and a corresponding increase in CH 2, then the CMC value is only Can be reduced by about 1 times. For aliphatic potassium salts, only compounds with more than 8 carbon atoms have good surface activity, while for perfluorocarboxylic acid compounds, homologs with more than 4 carbon atoms have obvious surface activity.
The critical micelle concentration (CMC) value of some fluorine-containing surfactants and general surfactants.


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