The Role Of Microcrystalline Wax In Rubber Synthesis

2023-05-10   Pageview:219

Microcrystalline wax plays a role in rubber synthesis, and rubber aging is an inevitable change. In the production of rubber products, anti-aging agents are generally used to inhibit the aging of products, thereby prolonging the service life of products. How does microcrystalline wax play an anti-aging effect in rubber products, and what should we pay attention to?

Paraffin waxes commonly used in rubber include ordinary paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax, and rubber protective wax. Microcrystalline wax acts as a physical protective agent or softener in rubber, which can improve the anti-aging properties of the rubber compound and increase the flexibility of the rubber compound.

The protective principle of microcrystalline wax in rubber:
Microcrystalline wax does not participate in the reaction during the vulcanization process, but only dissolves in the rubber. After vulcanization and cooling, it is in a supersaturated state and slowly migrates to the surface of the vulcanized rubber to form a protective film to isolate the air from the air. Oxygen and ozone erosion, so as to play an anti-aging effect.

The protective film of microcrystalline wax must be dense and uniform, and must have a certain thickness in order to play a protective role. The protective film is too thin to play a protective role, so the protective film must have a certain thickness, otherwise it is easy to crack or fall off under the action of force, and the thickness of the protective film is about 0.5 microns.

Ordinary paraffin wax migrates faster in rubber and can form a protective film faster. The migration speed of microcrystalline wax in rubber is relatively slow, the time to form a protective film is slightly longer, and the protective effect is longer. The migration speed of rubber protective wax in rubber is between the two. When selecting paraffin wax, according to the temperature range of rubber products, the processing technology of rubber products, and the service life of rubber products, reasonably choose paraffin wax and reasonably arrange the amount of paraffin wax used. In order to improve the protective effect of rubber products, it can be used together with other anti-aging agents in actual production to improve the protective effect and prolong the service life.


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