Application of Acid Catalyst 8051

2021-11-13   Pageview:665

Acid Catalyst 8051 is used in alkyd, amino, acrylic, polyester and other resin systems.













Suitable for the glazing treatment of silicon dioxide-silicon nitride, the formula is as follows (mass fraction, %):
CeO, 0.2~0.5 chlorocarbon surfactant (Zony lFS P) 0.1~0.5
The development trend of fluorocarbon surfactants
The above briefly introduces some properties and uses of fluorocarbon surfactants, but we have to mention two issues for fluorocarbon surfactants. One is its price problem. Because the synthesis of fluorocarbon ptfe wax melting point surfactants is technically difficult, and the overall dosage is not very large, the current prices of fluorocarbon surfactants are very high, and there are currently no domestic fluorocarbon surfactants. Any manufacturer can carry out serial production of it, and most of its products still rely on imports. Therefore, relevant companies must consider the price factor when developing new products. The second problem is its safety.

Research results show that the starting materials for preparing fluorocarbon surfactants-perfluorocarboxylic acid and perfluorosulfonic acid have established their own “base in the blood of countless people around the world.” “, 473 volunteers from the United States, Colombia, Brazil, Belgium, Italy, Poland, India, Malaysia and South Korea were tested for blood tests. The results found that the blood of these volunteers all contained PFOA residues without exception. . Among them, volunteers in the United States and Poland had the highest blood PFOA content, with an average of more than 30ng/mL, followed by South Korea, Belgium, Malaysia, Brazil, Italy and Colombia, between 3ng/mL and 29ng/mL, and India the lowest. Less than 3ng/mL. Moreover, according to a study by the US 3M Company, the original manufacturer of PFOA, extensive exposure to PFOA may cause cancer in mice or affect their reproductive function. Since 2000, 3M has stopped producing anti-fouling products with similar ingredients.


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