How to disperse wax powder in PU matte paint?

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The matting of PU matte paint is to add matte powder in a certain proportion for matting, and the matte powder is entrained to the surface layer of the coating film with the up and down convection formed when the solvent evaporates during the coating film formation process. Because the viscosity of the surface layer is relatively large, the matte powder is retained in the surface layer to form a microscopic roughness surface. When the incident light reaches the surface, scattering occurs and the effect of extinction is produced.

Matte varnishes are mainly available in the following categories
1, Ordinary matte varnish.

2, Cotton matte varnish.

3, master feel smooth matte varnish.

4, anti-scratch matte varnish.

 PU matte paint wax powder characteristics

1, a very small amount of addition, can provide an extremely excellent oil smooth feel, excellent dispersion and temperature change resistance.

2, The paint system with the addition of W-11 has better transparency than the system with other wax powder.

3, Does not affect the adhesion of repainting, and the transparency is minimized.

4, It is especially suitable for PU furniture spray paint which needs to improve the hand feeling, such as matte varnish, matte top coat, etc.

How to disperse wax in PU matte paint? How to add wax for PU matte paint: It can be added at any stage of paint production, but it must be dispersed at high speed for enough time when the viscosity of the paint or ink is high in order to reach the minimum fineness and give the best effect. When the true viscosity of the system is low, it may lead to insufficient shear force to disperse and lead to automatic agglomeration and coalescence.


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