Why use asphalt for the foundation of plastic runways?

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Why use asphalt for the foundation of plastic runways? The quality of the foundation directly affects the quality, functional effect and service cycle of the plastic runway surface after completion. Therefore, the first key task of building a plastic runway is to plan how to build a foundation that meets all requirements.

There are two types of commonly used foundations for plastic runways: the most commonly used cement concrete foundation is actually an asphalt concrete foundation.

Why use asphalt for the foundation of plastic runways? What are the requirements for the quality of the asphalt foundation?

a. Strength and stability: The asphalt foundation should preferably be made of asphalt material without wax or with little wax. The asphalt mixture must be fully compacted, and the surface must be uniform and solid, flat without cracks, rotten edges, and no hemp. The surface and joints are smooth and smooth, the particle size of the asphalt concrete surface layer is 2-5mm, the oil content is 5.8-6.4%, the particle size of the joint layer is 6-9mm, the oil content is 4.6-5.8%, and the compaction density is It should not be less than 95%. After the teeth of the roller are passed, there should be no obvious wheel traces, no soft peeling, no loose soil, no wave piles and other phenomena;

b. Slope: horizontally less than 0.1/1000. Longitudinal less than 1/1000, high jump area is less than 4/1000, the surface should be flat and smooth to ensure smooth drainage;

c. Flatness: The completed asphalt foundation should have a certain strength and stability, the foundation should not have cracks and uneven frost heaving caused by freezing, the flatness qualification rate should be above 95%, and the ruler error within 3m should be 3mm;

d. Drainage: The drainage system must ensure that the accumulated water is discharged within two hours after heavy rain;

e. Maintenance period: The basic maintenance period is 28 days.

There are still many people asking whether cement or asphalt is used for the foundation of plastic runways? It is better to choose asphalt. The cost of asphalt is higher than that of cement. The thickness of cement should be at least 10cm. After the cement foundation is completed, it needs to be sprayed and maintained for at least 20 days before construction. It has excellent environmental aging resistance, ozone resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance and low temperature resistance, and has good electrical insulation and elasticity, as well as excellent color stability, and the color of the product remains unchanged for a long time. The overall performance is good, and it is suitable for sports venues at all levels. Easy maintenance, economical, strong shock absorption, aging resistance, bright colors.

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