3 features of acid catalyst 8051

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1, 8051 is suitable for solvent-based baking paint systems, and can greatly reduce the cross-linking temperature of baking paint, and will not adversely affect the paint film within the recommended dosage.
2, 8051 can improve the crosslinking density, increase the hardness and gloss of the paint film, improve the corrosion resistance, hydrolysis resistance, solvent resistance and mechanical properties of the paint film.
3, 8051 can reduce the production cost, improve the efficiency of coating production, and has good storage stability. Application system and dosage can be applied to high temperature acrylic amino baking paint, automotive refinishing paint, general industrial baking paint, coil and printed iron coating, etc.













Prevent bacteria from attaching
Facilities that are submerged under water will have many bacteria and other microorganisms attached to them, causing odor or corrosion. After the surface treatment of the facilities in the water with the coating added with fluorocarbon surfactants, the adhesion of bacteria on the surface can be controlled or prevented, thereby avoiding the above-mentioned problems. The surfactants used are the following anionic or non-ionic fluorocarbon surfactants:

RpC Hz CH, OP(O) (ON H:
(RyCHzCHzO) zP(O) (ON H)
Ry CH, CH, OP(O) (OH)
RyCHzCHyOP(O) (OH) g
RpC Hy CH, O(CH, CH, O) .H
In the formula, Rr is F(CF:CF)) s-sin=2~-20.

Coating dispersant
The aqueous solution of the following formula (g) is mixed to form a paint dispersant for contact with water
Equipment coating:
Polyethylene glycol polypropylene glycol monobutyl ether (Mw-2250, ethylene oxide content 87.5%) 181.16
35.7N-2-Hydroxyethyl-Nmethyl Aufluoroacyl Sulfonamide
2.4-TDI isocyanurate trimer (NCO content 8.0%) 51% aqueous solution 128.76
5.05Me: N(CH:) y NH:
Whiteboard non-repellent writing ink
This ink is used for marker pens and can be written on whiteboards. It consists of toner, water-soluble resin, decoloring agent, water and humectant. Formulation example (%): 30 carbon black S-LecK W 10 (polyvinyl butyral) 6 polyoxyethylene glycol butyl ether fatty acid ester 18 Sil WE TL 7607 (siloxane) or fluorocarbon surfactant 0.8 Ace tylenol EL (vinyl acetate derivative) 0.3 add water to 100.


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