What are the raw materials used for powder coatings?

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Raw materials for heavy anti-corrosion powder coatings: modified epoxy resin, epoxy resin, modified cross-linking agent, catalyst, titanium dioxide, wetting agent, precipitated barium sulfate, leveling agent, benzoin, active silica micropowder, wax powder.















LusolvanFBH is a product of BASF. Coa sol is a product of British Chem oxy company. It is made of 15%~25% diisobutyl succinate, 55%~65% diisobutyl glutarate, and 12%~23% diisobutyl adipate. mixture. D BE-IB is a product of DuPont in the United States. It is a mixture of 15% diisobutyl succinate, 58% diisobutyl glutarate, and 27% diisobutyl adipate.

DP nB is dipropylene glycol butyl ether, a product of Dow Chemical Company, and its structural formula is as follows:
DOWAN OLP Ph is propylene glycol phenyl ether, also a product of Dow Chemical wax Company, and its structural formula is as follows:

The structural characteristics of the film-forming aids.
Classification of film forming aids
Film forming aids can be classified according to their position in the system, and the types are shown in Table 18-9.
Experience has shown that AB type film-forming aids are the most effective film-forming aids currently in use.
In fact, the surface of the latex particles adsorbs the emulsifier. Whether the AB type film-forming aid is between the emulsion polymer and the emulsifier, or is
interlaced with the emulsifier and adsorbed on the emulsion polymer, or other methods, has not been reported.
DP nB and Dowan olP Ph have higher solubility in water.


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