Application of emulsifier OP-10

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1, OP-10 in the synthetic fiber industry as an oil agent monomer, showing emulsification properties, OP-10 antistatic properties, in the synthetic fiber staple fiber blended yarn slurry as a softener. op-10 can improve the smoothness and elasticity of the slurry film, the emulsion has a protective effect on the colloid.
2, OP-10 is used as a leveling agent in the new process of low temperature dyeing of wool, OP-10 is used as an emulsifier in the pesticide, pharmaceutical and rubber industries, and is one of the important components of metal water-based cleaning agents.
3, OP-10 can be used as emulsifier in medicine and rubber industry, OP-10 can be used as emulsifier of emulsion leachate in construction industry and as concrete dispersant in construction project.
4, OP-10 has good emulsification, wetting, leveling, spreading and net washing properties; it is resistant to acid, alkali and hard water, and OP-10 can be mixed with all kinds of surfactants and dye primers.
5, OP-10 is used as net detergent monomer in civil and industrial washing, with excellent performance, OP-10 is also commonly used in metal cleaning, net washing and degreasing of fur and leather, and net detergent before and after printing and dyeing, etc.
6, OP-10 is also the emulsion stabilizer of butadiene latex polymerization.
7, OP-10 is used in potassium chloride galvanizing brightening agent as emulsifier and auxiliary brightening agent.
8, OP-10 in emulsified mineral oil, as hydrophilic emulsifier, emulsion stability, fine.
9, Used as leveling agent and diffusing agent in printing and dyeing processing, leather and wool degreasing agent, emulsifier for crude oil and fuel oil, acidifying and penetrating agent for oil extraction, emulsifier for butylbenzene latex and emulsion polymerization, lubricant and emulsifier for glass fiber textile, emulsifier for emulsification, washing, penetration and wetting agent in cosmetics.












Five, pigments, fillers and additives
In epoxy powder coatings, pigments, fillers and additives are indispensable components. For epoxy powder coating To light resistance and resistance is mainly used in rust prevention, corrosion prevention, electrical insulation and indoor decorative aspects, so the pigments and fillers

The main requirement is heat resistance and chemical resistance. what is pe wax The requirements for pigments and fillers are mainly heat resistance and chemical weathering resistance, which are not as strict as those for weathering resistant powder coatings. The requirements of the powder coating The requirements of the product are not as strict as those of weathering powder coatings. For pigments and fillers used in rust and corrosion prevention, the requirements are not as strict as those for weathering powder coatings.

For pigments and fillers used in rust and corrosion prevention applications, the requirements in terms of chemical stability are more stringent. In the formulation For epoxy powder coatings with high acid resistance requirements, pigments and fillers with good acid resistance should be used. In the formulation design, epoxy powder coatings with high acid resistance should use pigments and fillers with good acid resistance, mainly based on epoxy fillers; epoxy powder coatings with high alkali resistance should use pigments and fillers with good alkali resistance. The use of powder coatings, the selection of pigments and fillers with relative For example, for electrically insulating powder coatings, pigments and fillers with good electrical insulating properties should be selected, and conductive pigments such as carbon black are not very suitable, and insulating carbon black or heat resistant organic black pigments are more suitable.

Another example is in the heavy anti-corrosion epoxy powder! Coating, not suitable for acid-resistant calcium carbonate filler, the choice of ultra-fine quartz powder, active silica micronized powder, mica powder, etc. is more appropriate. In the formulation design, the performance of pigment and filler should be considered, and the price of pigment and filler should be considered. The price of the material, from the costing consideration of the price is reasonable to use.


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