Foaming Regulator-Additional Amount of Polyethylene Wax

2022-02-17   Pageview:346

The density of rigid plastic-wood composite low-foaming products is not only related to the amount of foaming regulator added, but also to its molecular weight and viscosity properties. The larger the molecular weight and viscosity, the greater the effect, and the corresponding addition amount can also be reduced.

The foaming regulators used in the rigid plastic-wood composite low-foaming products mainly include: HL00, H90 and HL530 and other varieties with different viscosity, which can be selected according to the foam breaking situation of the foaming melt. It is also possible to mix HL100 and HL530 according to the cell condition, which can increase the melt strength without reducing the melt foaming rate and effectively improve the surface quality of the product. Practice has proved that the effect of adding a composite regulator to the plastic-wood composite foaming product is better than adding a single foaming regulator.

In general, in the formulation of rigid plastic-wood composite low-foaming products, the amount of foaming regulator(PE wax) should be lower than 6%-10% according to the product density requirements. The dosage and the presence of bubbles in the cross section should be adjusted appropriately.


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