Nano titanium dioxide photocatalyst for coatings

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Nano titanium dioxide photocatalyst for coating: prepare photocatalytic coating, high catalytic, sterilization, decomposition of harmful substances and oil pollution. Can be used in home decoration, car paint.














Covering polymer
The addition of the masking polymer to the paint can maximize the introduction of a large number of micropores into the dry paint film. The diameter of the spherical micropore is very important because it controls the light scattering efficiency of the particles. In order to maximize the light scattering, the pore diameter of R opaque TM is close to Ross’s optimal pore size-0.25 pm.

The light-scattering micropores of the covering polymer are surrounded by a layer of polymer shell, so that the scattering centers will not overlap, so each micro-hole can scatter the same amount of light regardless of the concentration of the micro-holes, so the covering polymer does not Over-polymerization will occur. As the amount of covering polymer increases, the covering capacity increases, as shown in Figure 20-6. The cost of the unit coverage obtained is constant.

Covering polymer dosage%%
The influence of the amount of covering polymer on the light scattering ability
The covering polymer can not only attract air holes in the paint film, which has a micronized ptfe wax direct contribution to the covering of the paint, but also has a smaller particle size, which can effectively improve the overpolymerization of titanium dioxide, thereby improving the light scattering efficiency of titanium dioxide. When we use coarse fillers in the formula, due to the significant difference in size between coarse fillers and titanium dioxide, the presence of coarse fillers will aggravate the over-aggregation of titanium dioxide, resulting in a decrease in its hiding power. In order to show the effect of different particle size fillers on the over-aggregation phenomenon of titanium dioxide, we added different pigments and fillers to the coating formula containing only 20% PVC  titanium dioxide, and tested the scattering coefficients on the basis of the same volume solid content.


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