Application of adhesion promoter FS-1121

2021-11-18   Pageview:611

Adhesion promoter FS-1121 can be used in epoxy coatings , alkyd coatings

It is also effective for metal coatings of polyurethane, acrylic, silicone and other resin systems.














Glycol solvent
The use of glycol solvents in the paint can improve the open time of the paint film and the freeze-thaw stability of the paint. Generally, the combination of the two will not cause negative effects. However, when the public feeding pipeline is used for feeding, it is recommended to add a cover Rinse the utility pipes with water between the operation of the polymer and the glycol solvent, because the direct contact between the two may cause the flocculation of the covering polymer, resulting in the appearance of particles and the reduction of gloss.

Storage conditions
The covering polymer is supplied in the form of emulsion. In the case of long-term storage (more than two months) in a storage tank, it is recommended to stir periodically (stirring for 15 minutes every 12h) to ptfe powder dispersion avoid product settling. During storage, all metal parts in direct contact with the covering polymer, including pipes and valves, should be made of stainless steel. Other metal parts may cause the covering polymer to agglomerate on the metal surface. As the polymer continues to accumulate, it will eventually lead to The phenomenon of agglomeration.

When pumping, care should be taken to avoid high-speed pumping through the fine-mesh screen, because the mechanical stability of the covering polymer will be destroyed under the condition of extremely high shear force, which will lead to demulsification. The covering polymer is thermally stable, but must be protected from freezing during storage.

In short, the introduction of a new type of raw material, covering polymers, provides coating manufacturers with a balanced means of covering power and resistance. While obtaining the most optimized coating quality, it also maintains a balance of performance and cost, thereby enhancing the market competitiveness of coating products. . In order to help the majority of formulators to better use the covering polymer, Rohm and Haas has also developed the corresponding formulation design software to optimize the formula, so as to maximize the performance of the covering polymer to the entire formulation.


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