Polyethylene wax emulsion in water-based ink

2021-07-15   Pageview:1219

Polyethylene wax emulsion added to water-based ink system can effectively improve the surface scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, anti-adhesion and give the film a rich, smooth feel, which is widely used in tobacco, wine, food, beverage, toys and other packaging products.

Polyethylene wax emulsion for water-based ink is a high melting point (melting point of 110 degrees), fine particle size (0.8um) of polyethylene wax emulsion formulation. It can effectively reduce the friction coefficient of the ink surface and improve the smoothness, wear and scratch resistance; the uniform and detailed particle size distribution can give the ink good gloss and excellent covering power.

When used, the polyethylene wax emulsion for ink will migrate to the ink surface in the process of film formation and disperse evenly to form a wax protective layer, thus achieving the effect of improving the surface performance of ink.

Not the higher the amount of polyethylene wax emulsion added, the better the effect, after reaching saturation, more with the will become an impurity in the ink. With the increase in the amount of polyethylene wax emulsion added, the wax protective layer formed on the surface of the ink can improve the slipperiness of the paper, reduce the friction coefficient, and the ink wear significantly reduced. When the amount added is greater than 5%, the gap between the spherical wax particles on the surface is reduced, and then increase the amount of effect is not obvious, while taking into account the cost issue, the wax emulsion added about 5%.


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