Application of polyethylene wax in floor paint

2021-05-29   Pageview:365

The structure of polyethylene wax is made by the full reaction of ethylene and other monomers under high pressure through free radical polymerization. It can also be made by reaction production by degradation method. It can also be made by oxidation treatment and introduce a variety of polar groups such as carboxyl groups in the production. The molecular mass is generally about 2500, and some wax molecules contain polar groups and have polarized parts.

Micronized wax is heated to dissolve after adding a part of the solvent, kept at 60 degrees Celsius, and dispersed into a paste. When added to the floor paint, it will be thixotropic and have an anti-settling effect.

It has a matting effect. When a certain amount is added, it will play a matting effect. If the amount is appropriately reduced, it will play an anti-settling effect and prevent rolling. It can be used in pearlescent or metallic paint to obtain a coating film.

The anti-settling effect of polyethylene wax is ideal, comparing with other anti-settling agents, which is more suitable for high-end coatings.

The production processes of micronized waxes manufacturer are different, which makes the particle size distribution, relative molecular mass, density, melting point, hardness and other properties of the micronized wax of each factory have some differences.


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