5 characteristics of adhesion promoter FS-1121

2021-11-18   Pageview:270

1, It is used to improve the adhesion of dry coating film to difficult substrates (such as glass, metal).

2, the adhesion enhancement is extremely obvious, such as epoxy coating with FS-1121, painted on glass, after 24 hours of boiling water immersion, and does not affect the adhesion, not added, by this test completely pushed off and no adhesion.

3, The water resistance and salt spray resistance of the coating film with FS-1121 are greatly improved.

4, In addition to coatings, it is also applicable to adhesives, inks, caulks, etc., to improve the excellent adhesion for a long time.

5, Improve the orientation of gold powder and silver powder.














Structural stability
While paying attention to the covering efficiency of the covering polymer, how to maintain the structural stability of the covering polymer under various conditions is also very important. The destruction of the covering polymer structure will not only lead to a decrease in covering ability, but also cause many problems in the use of color matching and paint repair. The storage conditions and film-forming conditions of the coating will affect the structural stability of the covering polymer to varying degrees. The test method is as follows: ptfe dispersion uses After the sample is stored in an oven at 60°C for 10 days, it is dried in a CTR with a relative humidity of 50%, and the stability of its structure is judged by evaluating the change in tinting strength. As shown in Figure 20-21, with the destruction of the structure of the covering polymer hollow spheres, the paint film loses its original covering ability and presents an uneven paint film appearance.

Film forming aids
Although the covering polymer is not a film-forming substance, the film-forming assistant can still be distributed on it. Therefore, when using the covering polymer, in order to ensure the full film formation of the emulsion under the construction conditions, it is recommended to use the compound on the basis of the solid content of the emulsion. At the same time, adjust the amount of the film-forming aid based on the same proportion to cover the polymer solids. This adjustment can ensure the full film-forming of the latex particles. When using masking polymers, attention should be paid to the order of addition of the film-forming aids: when the film-forming aids are added in the pigment and filler dispersion stage, it is recommended to add the emulsion first, and then add the masking polymer to fully ensure the stability of the system.

White spirit
The characteristics of the covering polymer depend on the structural integrity of the polymer hollow microspheres. Since the solubility parameter of aromatic compounds in petroleum solvents is similar to that of covering the polymer shell, when used together with the covering polymer, it will result in polymer hollow microspheres. It softens or even destroys, and thus loses the original covering effect, so it should be avoided during use.


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