Application of epoxy phosphate ester adhesion promoter (2)

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XYS-1985-22 is suitable for inorganic materials such as: aluminum and its alloy, zinc and its alloy, cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, electroplated parts, inorganic glass, other inorganic materials can also improve part of the solvent resistance such as ketones, benzene scrubbing, applications include water-based amino baking paint, high-grade industrial coatings, heavy anti-corrosion coatings, can coatings and coil coatings, etc., in the water-based coatings also have good water solubility.














Therefore, in order to obtain the same viscosity in latex paints containing hiding polymers, which are mainly based on cellulose thickeners, the amount of thickener is usually slightly higher than that of similar latex paints containing only inorganic pigments and fillers. The increase in the amount generally does not exceed 10%; ptfe dispersion manufacturers in india but in the latex paint system using associative thickeners, the amount of thickener in the coating containing the masking polymer can be appropriately reduced while still maintaining the same viscosity. This thickening efficiency The increase may be due to the hydrophobic nature of the covering polymer surface and the increase in the total amount of polymer, which strengthens the associative effect of the associative thickener.

The thickener requirements of a typical internal flat paint reflect the above-mentioned influence (Table 20-3). It is worth noting that the combination of a covering polymer and an associative thickener can further reduce costs.

Choice of covering polymer
Rohm and Haas has been committed to the research of covering polymers since 1974. It has a history of nearly 30 years and is the founder and leader in this field. With the expiration of the early patent protection period, similar products appeared on the market. Table 20-4 lists the main similar products on the market for reference.
Product evaluation method 1. Covering polymer structure For covering polymer, its own covering ability is realized by the difference between the refractive index of the hole and the surrounding medium, so the volume content of the hole in the covering polymer is particularly important; at the same time, covering The shape and particle size of the polymer have an important influence on its performance. As mentioned earlier, because of its unique spherical structure and uniform particle size distribution, the covering polymer has a lower emulsion requirement. Therefore, when using the covering polymer, it can be used on the basis of not sacrificing the resistance of the paint film. By increasing the PVC of the coating, products with excellent cost performance can be obtained: At the same time, through effective particle size control, the covering ability of the covering polymer can be maximized and the effect of overpolymerization of the titanium dioxide can be reduced. However, with the different production processes, there are great differences in the shape and particle size of the covering polymer.


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