Application of High Solids Acrylic Emulsion

2022-04-04   Pageview:286

The level of solid content of the water-based adhesive directly affects the workability, drying time, initial tack effect, and bonding strength of the water-based adhesive. At present, the solid content of water-based adhesive emulsions commonly used in the market is generally 50% to 55%. In the paper packaging glue, ethylene acrylic acid copolymer dispersion the glue with high solid content under the same formula conditions has better initial adhesion and faster positioning speed, and the same amount of glue has a high content of effective substances, so the bonding effect is good.

This advantage is particularly evident in the formulation of glue for fully automatic machines. In PVC floor glue or tile back glue, glue with high solid content is more suitable for bonding rough surfaces due to the fuller film. At the same time, the product with high solid content has fast film forming speed and short curing time, which greatly improves the construction efficiency. The research on the synthesis of high-solid emulsion system has been successfully industrialized to produce emulsions for water-based adhesive formulations with a solid content of 65% to 70% and a viscosity of 500 to 2000%.

High-solids acrylic emulsion is a high-strength, high-solids pressure-sensitive adhesive emulsion with low glass transition temperature and high cohesion, and the film is clear and transparent. Good adhesion to PVC coil, metal film, OPP film, PET film, wood, paper, etc. High solid content, good stability of system compounding, excellent initial tack and good heat resistance. Compatible with VAE emulsions, acrylic polymer emulsions, polyurethane emulsions, vinyl acetate emulsions, etc. on the market. have good compatibility.


It can be used as the main component of paper packaging glue, providing strong initial adhesion and adhesion to OPP film and PET film and other materials, good high temperature resistance, good compounding stability, and can be used for manual glue, machine glue formulation, Can also be used for machine spraying.

It can be used as a composite application with cardboard such as laser film and aluminized film. For cardboard with serious powder coating, it can have good adhesion fastness and no powder drop. In many material composite fields, as one of the composite components, it is used in combination with VAE, acrylic emulsion, polyurethane emulsion, epoxy emulsion, tackifying emulsion, rubber emulsion, etc. It has good miscibility stability and can be stored for a long time.

Can be used for PVC coiled material floor glue, long open time, good initial adhesion, high peel strength, good heat resistance, and strong adhesion to the cement interface.


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