Physical index of ink and coating adhesion promoter XYS-1985

2021-11-19   Pageview:665

1, Effective substance: 50±2% or so
Viscosity (25℃) :≤20
Density: about 1.0
Solvent: mixed solvent

2, Color: yellow transparent liquid
3, adhesion: matching top coat after testing – using the 100-gram test method, up to 3B standard
4, temperature change resistance – no blistering, no peeling
5, Water resistance days – 40 ℃, deionized water













Additives for powder coatings containing metal powder
Among the powder coating varieties, metal powder-containing powder coatings are one of the main varieties of decorative powder coatings. In order to make the aluminum powder and other metal powders evenly dispersed in the powder coating, the coating film is smooth and bright, and obtain a satisfactory decorative effect, and to prevent fingerprints and scratches, it is necessary to add many metal powder additives, such as dispersants, brighteners, and deprinting agents. And hardeners, etc.

The function of the metal powder dispersant is to improve the dispersion and arrangement of the metal powder in the powder coating, effectively promote the neat arrangement of the metal powder on the surface of the coating film, give full play to the best metal flash of the metal powder or the mirror effect of the metal aluminum, and increase the metal Powder surface gloss or decorative effect. This additive is mainly used in powder coating systems containing metal powders such as aluminum powder and copper-gold powder.

For example, the gold and silver powder dispersant TL201 of Guangzhou Tianlong Chemical Co., Ltd. improves the dispersion and arrangement of gold and silver powder in powder coatings, which can reduce the amount of gold and silver powder, effectively improve the decorative effect of gold and silver powder, and eliminate gold and silver powder. Black spots and black filaments caused by poor dispersion, the dosage is 0.2% to 1% of the total formula, and dispersed by melt-extrusion mixing method. The aluminum powder dispersant ZS310 of Hangzhou Zhongshun Chemical Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. can increase the smoothness of powder coatings, improve the lubricity and looseness of powder coatings, and increase the gloss, whiteness, metallic feeling and mirror effect of powder coatings. The amount of aluminum powder can be reduced. The amount is 1%~1.5% of the total formula, and it is dispersed by melt extrusion mixing method.

Aluminum powder brightener is an auxiliary agent that forms a protective film on the surface of the aluminum powder coating film, improves the clarity and gloss of the film surface, improves the scratch performance, and reduces the amount of aluminum powder. Guangzhou Tianlong Chemical Co., Ltd.’s special high-gloss wax AW500B for powder coatings has an appearance of white beaded powder, with a melting range of 90~120℃, and a volatile content of less than 0.2%. 200%, produces a mirror effect similar to nickel plating or aluminum powder, which can greatly reduce the amount of ultra-fine aluminum powder. The amount of aluminum powder when no high-gloss wax is added is reduced from 2% to 0.6%~0.8%. The amount is formulated in ordinary powder. 0.3%~0.5% of the total amount (1% in electroplating mirror flour), dispersed by melt extrusion mixing method; the disadvantage is that there is no obvious improvement in the hardness and scratch resistance of the coating film, and there are fingerprints.


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