Application of plastic materials in small household appliances

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How to reasonably apply plastic materials to reduce the cost of small household appliances and ensure product quality is one of the important ways for products to occupy the market.

① Main materials used for exterior parts

ABS: high gloss, easy to spray, but not high temperature resistance;

PP: low cost, good fluidity, but poor dimensional stability;

PC: high strength, high temperature resistance, good transparency, but easy to crack;

PC/ABS alloy: excellent comprehensive performance, but high price.

② Main materials for decorative parts

Transparent material: transparent ABS, PMMA, PC, etc.

Electroplating material: electroplating grade ABS

Film material: PET film, PC film

③ 3C key components core requirements

Main materials: flame retardant PBT, flame retardant PP, flame retardant PPO

④ Core requirements for other key structural parts

Main materials: POM, glass fiber reinforced nylon, PPS, PPA, PEI

Common small household appliances plastic selection:

1. The plastic parts on the microwave oven are mainly external parts, including the shell, base, handle, knob, etc., which are required to be heat-resistant. The selected plastic varieties are PBT/PET+GF, PBT+GF, PC/ABS, heat-resistant ABS, HIPS, heat-resistant PP, PP.

2. The plastic parts on the rice cooker are mainly external parts, including the shell, base, cover, handle, switch, etc., which are required to be heat-resistant. The selected plastic varieties are ABS, high gloss PP, PP.

The performance requirements of plastic materials used in electric iron parts are mainly heat resistance, followed by impact strength and appearance.

3. ABS, high gloss PP can be used for the shell, handle and sink base of the electric iron; parts close to the heating area require high heat resistance, and PC, PA+GF, PBT/PET+GF, PBT+GF, heat-resistant ABS can be used ;The heat resistance of the base is higher, and PBT/PET+GF, PET+GF can be used instead of metal parts.

4. The plastic material used on the electric heater requires heat resistance, especially the outlet grille. The selected plastic varieties are PBT/PET+GF, PET+GF, PC, PC/ABS, heat-resistant ABS and heat-resistant PP.

5. The plastic materials used for vacuum cleaner parts require anti-static to avoid ash absorption, and also require good electrical properties, good rigidity, impact resistance, scratch resistance, good dyeability, and gloss, especially the shell. The selected plastic varieties are ABS, HIPS, high gloss PP, and PC, AS, GPPS can be used for transparent parts. Polyethylene Wax, Polyethylene Wax Manufacturer

6. The plastic varieties used for the hair dryer are PBT/PET+GF, PET+GF, PC, heat-resistant ABS, and heat-resistant PP.

7. The plastic parts on the water dispenser require good rigidity, high gloss and impact resistance. The selected plastic varieties are ABS, HIPS, high rigidity PP.

8. The plastic varieties selected for the air humidifier are: transparent part (PC, GPPS), opaque part (ABS, high gloss PP).

As mentioned above, PP, ABS, PC/ABS, PC, PBT, PET, PBT/PET, etc. are generally used for the plastic parts of small household appliances on the market. The plastics used in different parts are also different, and there will be differences in color, gloss, etc.

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