Classification of industrial catalysts – by field of use

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For example, petrochemical catalysts, petroleum refining catalysts, inorganic chemical catalysts, environmental protection catalysts, etc. In addition to catalysts that directly promote chemical reactions, there is another category called phase transfer catalysts, which have the function of accelerating the transfer of substances between different phases. The use of phase transfer catalysts in liquid phase reactions divided into two phases can shorten the reaction time, and most of them are quaternary ammonium salts. For example, cetyl-methylammonium chloride can be used as a phase transfer catalyst in the synthesis of cresyl phosphate from cresol and phosphorus oxychloride.














Film-forming additives reduce the minimum film-forming temperature
The amount of the film-forming aid mainly depends on the minimum film-forming temperature of the emulsion polymer and the effectiveness of the film-forming aid. Reducing the minimum film-forming temperature of emulsion polymers is an important indicator of film-forming aids.
The lowest film-forming temperature that different emulsions and different dosages of Texan ol can achieve.
Compared with Texan ol, D BE-IB has a stronger ability to reduce MFT.

Eastman European Technology Center Kirkby Laboratory D 16] In order to reduce the odor of Texan ol, TX IB (2,2.4-trimethyl-1,3-pentanediol monoisobutyrate) and TX IB/ Texan ol=1 mixed film forming aid. pe wax dispersion production This test uses Lusolvan FBH and Texan ol as the comparison benchmark, and uses 9 different emulsions to evaluate the MFT reduction, gloss, low-temperature color change, and scrub resistance, respectively, to reduce the results of the emulsion MFT.

The 4 kinds of film-forming aids reduce the order of emulsion polymer MFT from strong to weak: LusolvanFBH>Texan ol>TX IB/Texan ol mixture ≥TX IB Same as Acronal296D) MFT test results.
The amount of film-forming aids /% Figure 18-2 Different film-forming aids reduce the situation of Acronal290DMFT emulsion [i 3 Gloss, low-temperature color change and washing resistance, mainly related to film-forming properties, the 4 kinds of film-forming aids are not much different .


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