What is Adhesion promoter LD 9051?

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Adhesion promoter LD9051 is a phosphate ester acrylic resin-based adhesion promoter with phosphate groups in the molecular chain.












Part of flame retardant products
Intumescent fire retardant system
There are many kinds of flame-retardant raw materials that can be used for intumescent fire-retardant coatings with different performances. This section is limited to the more widely used varieties [,
Urea Urea is synthesized from CO, and NH: through high temperature and high pressure, with a simple structure of CO(NH:)z, relative molecular mass 60.06, relative density 1.335, melting point 133°C, and it is easily soluble in water, ethanol and formaldehyde solutions. Urea is stable below the melting point temperature, but at a higher temperature, ammonia is released from the decomposition surface and forms a biuret with a melting point of 193°C:

Urea is very unstable in water, dilute acid, and dilute alkali solution. When heated to above 50℃ in paraffin emulsion korea dilute alkali, ammonia is decomposed, and carbon dioxide is decomposed in dilute acid:
NHC ON Hz+2NaOH——2NH: ++Na, CO,
NH.CON H: +H, SO+Hz O-(NH) 2SO+CO 2
Urea is easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate: it affects the use, so urea should be stored in a dry warehouse with moisture-proof facilities.
Urea is an important chemical raw material, and it mainly acts as a foaming flame retardant in the formulation of fireproof coatings.
Melamine Melamine is synthesized from dicyandiamide or urea. Its structure is C: Na(NH2)a, with a relative molecular mass of 126.091. It is a white powdery crystal with a melting point of 345°C. The solubility in boiling water is 5%, cold water It is only 0.5%, easily soluble in formaldehyde, ethanol, phenol, acetone and aqueous caustic soda solution, and reacts with hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, acetic acid, oxalic acid, etc. to form salts. Melamine is mainly used as a foaming agent and flame retardant in fireproof coatings.


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