Precautions of Adhesion promoter PAI-1251

2021-11-22   Pageview:490

This product contains volatile organic solvents, so it should be kept away from heat sources during handling, and stored in a closed container in a dry and ventilated place at 0-40℃.

Due to the many different formulations, production and application conditions, customers should test the suitability of this product before use to determine the performance, efficiency and safety of the product.














The particle size of the flame retardant has a great influence on the fireproof and heat insulation performance of the tunnel fireproof coating and some application properties.

The particle size is large, easy to precipitate, and the utilization rate of the flame retardant is low. Generally, the particle size can be applied when the particle size is 2~3mm, but Its adsorption force is poor, and the washing durability is not satisfactory enough; the particle size is small and the density is high. In order to improve the diffusibility of the flame retardant, the particle size of the flame retardant is generally about 1mm, so that the performance of the tunnel fireproof coating can reach the best.

After the flame retardant is selected, it is finally compatible with the base material, and the reasonable ratio is explored and researched to make the fireproof coating achieve the best fireproof effect. With the continuous deepening of research work on fire retardant coatings, people have found that although organic flame retardants alone have good flame retardant effects and have little impact on the physical and chemical properties of the coatings, they have high cost, inherent toxicity, and burning or heating. When it decomposes, it produces a lot of harmful and toxic gas and smoke. Although the single-use inorganic flame retardant has the advantages of good flame retardant effect, non-toxic, basically no smoke and toxic gas during combustion or pyrolysis, and low cost, it is good for fire-resistant coatings.

The physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the paint have a great influence, resulting in poor weather resistance. In order to solve these contradictions, the technical route of using organic and inorganic paraffin emulsion msds flame retardant additives is adopted to make the researched coating have efficient fire and heat insulation effects and excellent physical and chemical properties. , It is highly decorative and achieves unexpected results.

With the improvement of people’s quality of life, people’s awareness of environmental protection is becoming stronger and stronger, and the requirements of laws and regulations are becoming more and more stringent. Therefore, the development of environmentally friendly flame retardants has become the development trend of the flame retardant industry. When selecting flame retardants, firstly select environmentally friendly flame retardants that are non-polluting, non-polluting, non-radioactive, and non-toxic during use, so they have good flame retardant effects, strong smoke suppression properties, non-toxic and harmless, and burn Inorganic flame retardants, which do not produce heavy smoke and poisonous gas, have abundant raw material sources, and are low in cost, are becoming more and more popular among users.


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