Polyurethane catalyst DY-9

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Polyurethane catalyst DY-9: Stannous octanoate, used in polyurethane foam, CASE, etc.















Quartz powder Quartz powder is crushed from natural quartz, with a relative density of 2.8, a refractive index of 1.53, and a Mohs hardness of 7. Because it is too hard, it is not easy to grind, and it is easy to sink to the bottom.
Used in various fireproof coatings, it can improve the abrasion resistance and weather resistance of the coating, and can reduce the cost of the coating. As a reinforcing filler in fireproof coatings, it acts as a skeleton and flame retardant.

Diatomite Diatomite is a white biochemical sedimentary rock. Its chemical composition is: SiO, 91.%, AlgO, 3.3%, Fea O; 1.2%, CaO 0.5%, MgO 0.5%, NazO1.8%, P: O, 0.2%, K: O0.3%, 0.1% H.O, 0.2% loss on ignition.
Diatomaceous earth is soft in nature, light porous surface, very large specific surface area, up to 4×10*cm³/g, large oil absorption, relative density 2.3, refractive index 1.48.

The diatomite is finely ground after mining, and then treated with water bleaching. It can be used as a smoothing agent and a consistency control agent. Diatomaceous earth is used in various fire retardant coatings to improve the wear resistance and viscosity of the coating and the smoothness of the coating film. It is used as a reinforcing filler in the fire retardant coating to act as a skeleton and flame retardant, which can increase the impact of the coating film. strength.

Hollow microbeads Hollow microbeads, also known as floating beads, are mainly composed of silicate. This kind of product composed of flue ash (cockpit) or aluminum silicate is easy to obtain. It has low density, uniform size, low smoking rate, good chemical resistance and high thermal stability. Their density amide modified polyethylene wax msds is in the range of 0.3~0.6g/cm, and the diameter is usually between 10~250um. They can float on water, because of their light bulk density, good thermal insulation, and low cost. They are mainly used in thick-coated fire-retardant coatings. The quality enhances the filler, reduces the dry density of the fireproof coating, has a higher filling amount, and the addition amount can reach about 15%: it can reduce the fluidity of the fireproof coating.

(14) Glass fiber Glass fiber has high mechanical strength, good electrical insulation and water resistance: the tensile strength of its monofilament is 1471~3923MPa, and the elastic modulus is as high as 450~1050MPa, and the fiber itself has high mechanical strength. , And the source of raw materials is abundant, easy to process, so it is an ideal reinforcement material.


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