Polyurethane catalyst DY-5

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Polyurethane catalyst DY-5: Standard foaming polyurethane catalyst for rigid foam.















The reason why wollastonite can replace part of titanium dioxide in latex fireproof coatings without reducing the whiteness and hiding power is: Although the particles of wollastonite powder are very fine, in actual use, it exists in the form of aggregates. . These agglomerated particles are so small that the resin cannot enter the aggregate during dispersion. The result is that when the coating film dries, these tiny air spaces are maintained and exist in the form of air. In this way, the difference in refractive index between the titanium dioxide and the air is produced, the scattering ability of the titanium dioxide is improved, and the hiding power is improved. This is theoretically called “microbubble hiding power” or “air hiding power”. Wollastonite is used in various polytetrafluoroethylene teflon ptfe powder  fire-retardant coatings to improve the abrasion resistance and weather resistance of the coating. The reason is due to its flake shape. With the fibrous structure, the flakes overlap in the coating film, in addition to increasing the sealing of the coating film, it also has a strong ability to reflect ultraviolet rays, thus improving the aging resistance of the fire retardant coating.

Gypsum powder Gypsum powder has a scientific name of calcium sulfate, a molecular formula of Ca SOy, a relative molecular mass of 136.14, a relative density of 2.964, and a melting point of 1450°C. Gypsum is divided into two types: raw gypsum and paris gypsum.

Gypsum is the dihydrate CaSO..2HzO of gypsum. It is white, pink, light yellow or gray, transparent or translucent, monoclinic, with a relative density of 2.31~2.32, a Mohs hardness of 2, and heating to 163 Dehydrate mature gypsum at ℃.

Plaster of Paris is the hemihydrate CaSO of gypsum: 1/2 HzO, also called calcined gypsum. It is dehydrated by heating gypsum to 150°C. The powder is plastic after mixing, but it hardens soon.
Gypsum powder is used as a reinforcing material in various fireproof coatings, acting as a skeleton and a flame retardant. It has a high filling amount, which can reduce the cost of the coating and improve the toughness and elasticity of the coating film.


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