Addition amount of BYK adhesion promoter BYK-4510

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Recommended dosage
1-5% Additive dosage (supply form) based on total formulation.















The pigments cannot be properly stabilized by the dispersant, so that they cannot withstand the turbulence caused by the volatilization of solvents or water.
Finger research test
Refers to the research test (rub-out, also called rub-up) is a test method for testing the compatibility between the colorant and the pigmented paint. This method is to apply a wet film first, rub the film a certain number of turns with your fingers before the surface is dry, and after drying, determine its compatibility according to the color difference between the ground film and the unground film. The smaller the color difference between the two, the better the compatibility of the colorant with the pigmented paint, wax emulsion malaysia and vice versa.

Colour strength is a relative tinting strength, which indicates the tinting ability of a certain color paste relative to a standard color paste. If the amount of the color paste is the same as the standard color paste during color matching, and the color intensity obtained is equal, the color intensity of the color paste is 100; if the color obtained is lighter than the standard color paste, the color intensity is lower than 100, such as 97; otherwise, Higher than 100, such as 103.

Improving the grinding conditions and reducing the average particle size of the pigment can generally enhance the color strength of the color paste to a given base paint. Of course, increasing the amount of pigment in the color paste is another option, which means an increase in viscosity, so a balance must be found.

The composition of the color paste
According to different application fields, we can find many types of colorants in the market, as shown in Table 26-1. The main components and functions of the color paste are as follows.
Wetting and dispersing agent: as the name implies, wetting and dispersing the pigment, thereby increasing the solid content of the pigment and reducing the viscosity, avoiding flocculation and floating color, and making the color paste have better compatibility. The amount of dispersant depends on the type of pigment and the specific surface area.


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