Application of catalyst organic bismuth DY-20

2021-11-26   Pageview:298

DY-20 is a 20% bismuth content high activity organic banknote catalyst, mainly used to replace dibutyltin dilaurate and stannous octanoate used in polyurethane system. The organobism bismuth catalyst mainly catalyzes the reaction between hydroxyl group and isophthalic acid ester.











In particular, with the increasingly stringent requirements for the environmental safety and use safety of flame-retardant products, the consumption of inorganic flame-retardants continues to increase, and the research and development of high-performance inorganic flame-retardants becomes more and more important.

At present, the research on microencapsulation of inorganic or organic flame retardants is in the hot spot of new flame retardant technology, and has entered the practical stage from the development stage. The essence of micro-encapsulation is to grind and disperse the flame retardant into particles, and then encapsulate it with organic or inorganic substances to form a microcapsule flame retardant; or use inorganic substances with a large surface area as a carrier, The flame retardant is adsorbed in the voids of these inorganic carriers to form a honeycomb microcapsule flame retardant. After the flame retardant is microencapsulated, it can greatly improve the compatibility of the flame retardant with the polymer. The addition of the flame retardant can improve the physical and mechanical properties of the fire retardant coating and the polymer material: it can improve the flame retardant Thermal stability, such as flame retardants microencapsulated with silicate, silicone resin, epoxy resin, fluorine-containing polymer, etc., can be stabilized at 350°C, thereby improving the thermal decomposition of fire-retardant coatings High temperature and no dense smoke during combustion:

It can greatly improve the high thermal decomposition temperature of polymers and is suitable for flame retardant processes for some polymers that require high temperature processing; can greatly improve the various properties of flame retardants, Expand its application range. Flame retardants like dibromoneopentyl glycol, tetrabromobisphenol A, or bis(2.3-dibromopropyl) ether (octabromoether), which have a low melting point, are easy to use after being microencapsulated. The AM-GAR CRP developed by AlbrightWilson in the United Kingdom is a microencapsulated product of red phosphorus coated with a magnesium compound. It has excellent dispersibility and stability, and its thermal decomposition temperature is 312°C. At present, foreign countries have begun to apply microencapsulation technology to the flame-retardant process of rubber products. When red phosphorus is used to flame retardant polyolefin-based rubber, the red phosphorus is first encapsulated and microencapsulated with synthetic resin such as phenolic resin. In addition, a Japanese patent published a report ptfe modified pe wax use that microencapsulation of chlorine-containing flame retardants not only has excellent flame retardant properties, but also produces very little smoke during combustion.

In recent years, AI(OH)y, Mg(OH), and other inorganic flame retardants have been industrialized using silane and titanate treatment on the surface of the microencapsulation technology, while macromolecule resin-encapsulated microcapsule flame retardants have not yet been industrialized. Reports on product launches. This technology is still in the development stage in China. Because the microcapsule flame retardant is non-toxic and harmless in the production and use process, it can improve the physical mechanics and other properties of the material, improve the flame retardant performance, thermal stability and weather resistance of the material, and it does not produce dense smoke or toxic gas during combustion. No environmental pollution, it is expected to produce obvious social and economic benefits.


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