Lubricant for glass fiber reinforced nylon material

2022-05-29   Pageview:260

Due to the excellent comprehensive properties of glass fiber reinforced nylon, it is widely used in many fields, but in practical application, the application space of glass fiber reinforced nylon is greatly restricted due to its processing fluidity. So what does the fluidity of glass fiber reinforced nylon have to do with it?

Glass fiber reinforced nylon material

Adding a lubricant to the glass fiber reinforced nylon material can have a polar group structure combined with some polar groups on the surface of the glass fiber, which can improve the bonding state between the glass fiber and the reinforced nylon particle resin, thereby improving the its dispersibility in resins. In addition to enhancing lubricating properties, adding lubricant can also improve the processing fluidity of glass fiber reinforced nylon and improve the surface finish of the material.

After adding lubricant to glass fiber reinforced nylon, it will have a certain influence on the appearance of reinforced nylon products. When the melt flows in the cavity, the resistance is different due to the uneven thickness. The flow space at the thin interface is small, the resistance is large, and the flow rate is slow. During molding, sewing thread lubricant, due to the force of the melt, the glass fiber will migrate to the surface, causing the glass fiber to be exposed.

After adding the lubricant, the melt fluidity of glass fiber reinforced nylon is significantly improved, the flow rate of the melt in the mold cavity is accelerated, and the glass fiber exposure phenomenon is reduced.

Although the lubricant is an auxiliary reagent, it was found through further experiments that the addition of an appropriate amount of lubricant can improve the mechanical properties to a certain extent, greatly increase the fluidity, and improve the exposure of glass fiber reinforced glass fibers, thereby improving the appearance of the product.


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