Shamrock PTFE Micropowder T Series

2022-01-25   Pageview:286

MicroFLONT series micropowder is developed based on PTFE recycled material, which is a powerful substitute for PTFE raw material. Test results show that MicroFLON™ T has an excellent coefficient of friction and wear resistance in both nylon and polyoxymethylene compared to virgin PTFE.  Compared with virgin PTFE, recycled PTFE can also significantly reduce carbon emissions.

Product Description:

Shamrock MicroFLON T series is to micronize PTFE recycled material into micropowder with various particle size specifications.


The MicroFLON™ T series of micropowders are used in thermoplastics and elastomers to reduce coefficient of friction and enhance wear resistance.

MicroFLON T series of micropowders can be added to polyester, polyamide, polyoxymethylene, polycarbonate and other engineering plastics.

MicroFLON™ T works in both elastomers and blends of various engineering plastics.

Features and functions:

Enhanced wear resistance

Improve stick-slip noise

Reduce friction

Reduce carbon emissions

reduce noise

Improve processability

Typical performance: Exterior White

Particle size (average): 4 – 6 μm

90% particle size is less than 10 μm

Appearance: Free Flowing White Powder
Specific Gravity: 2.15 g/cm3
Bulk Density: 350 – 550 g/l
Particle Size Mean Value: 5 μm
DSC Melting Point: > 315°C

Current status of product regulations:

The product ingredients have been listed in several chemical inventories. For specific information on the list of applicable chemicals, please refer to the Product Chemical Safety Data Sheet.


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