Advantages of catalyst organic bismuth DY-20

2021-11-26   Pageview:676

1, compared with DY-12, the system in which it is located, the generation of air bubbles is less.
2, when used in MDI system, it is easy to have the phenomenon of fast viscosity rise in the early stage and slow drying in the later stage, we recommend the use of organozinc catalyst DV-5350 with its high tolerance ratio (1:10~10:1) to increase the opening time in the early stage and accelerate the drying in the later stage of crosslinking.














Towards the trend of nanotechnology
Super (micro) fine, the third is high activity. Foreign countries have developed at an extraordinary speed in recent years. Not only have the development of modern industry highlighted three major problems polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) uses in the requirements of materials, one is high purity, and the other is the rapid development of manufacturing technology to reduce the particle size of powder materials, and a large number of application products have come out. . The nano flame retardant developed by nanotechnology not only has a good flame retardant effect with a small amount of Improve the physical and mechanical properties, weather resistance and thermal stability of materials. Because the nano flame retardant developed by nanotechnology has a series of unique properties, it has broad application prospects. In the 1980s, foreign nanotechnology and nanomaterials have become research hotspots.

The research and application fields of nanotechnology in flame retardants continue to expand, new varieties of nano flame retardants are emerging one after another, and a large number of application products come out. For example, the grade developed and produced by Pfizer in the United States is UI-fra-p flex, with an average particle size of 70nm, and CaCO treated with stearic acid. As a flame retardant additive for plastics, it can improve the physical and chemical properties of fire retardant coatings and can significantly Improve impact resistance and flame retardancy. The nano-sized antimony oxide, hydrated alumina and other inorganic flame retardants produced by the company can achieve the same flame retardant effect, and their consumption can be greatly reduced. In recent years, research on polymer/layered inorganic nanocomposites and layered nanocomposite flame retardants have also been carried out abroad; the flame resistance of the studied polymer/montmorillonite nanocomposites is much higher than that of pure polymers. At the same time, the physical properties and thermal stability of the material have also been greatly improved. In short, the research and application of foreign nanotechnology in flame retardant materials is quite active.

In recent decades, domestic research on nanocomposite materials has attracted widespread attention and has also been developed rapidly, especially in recent years, many nano-flame retardant products have come out. Such as smoke-suppressing nano flame retardants, the product size distribution is between 20-50nm, varieties include nano-magnesium hydroxide, nano-aluminum hydroxide, hydrotalcite, etc., which can be widely added to various fire-retardant coatings and polymer materials.

The inorganic nano flame retardant not only has the characteristics of high smoke suppression and high efficiency of sun burning, but also can obviously improve various physical and chemical properties and fire and flame retardant properties of flame retardant materials. The Chinese Academy of Sciences and other scientific research institutions are currently developing and researching nanocomposite flame retardants. Because the nano flame retardant and nano composite positive burning agent are non-toxic and harmless in the production and use process, they can improve the physical mechanics and other properties of the material, and the flame retardant performance, thermal stability and weather resistance of the material can be improved with a small amount. It does not produce dense smoke and toxic gas during combustion, and there is no environmental pollution, so it has a broad market prospect, and it is expected to produce obvious.


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