Application of FTC Acid Catalyst B-CAT 3025

2021-11-29   Pageview:790

FTC acid catalyst B-CAT 3025 is suitable for polyester amino baking paint, thermosetting acrylic amino baking paint system.

It is used in general industrial coatings, coils, iron printing coatings, paper, wood, ink.













Lan-co1394F is pure polypropylene, with excellent matting performance and improved surface protection: LancoPE1525MF is a polyolefin wax with medium fine particle size, providing matting, wear resistance and improved slippage; Lance 1550 is a mixture of polyolefin waxes , Has good matting and abrasion resistance; Lanco 1890 is pure tetrafluoroethylene wax, with a small amount of addition, has strong matting properties, and provides a uniform and fine surface texture effect; Powder Add 9083 is a polyfluoroethylene modified polyethylene Wax has strong matting properties and provides uniform and fine surface texture effects. The PROPYL MATTE 31 of MICRO POWDERS is a polypropylene wax with high melting point and hardness.

The melting point is 160~170℃, and the relative density is 0.86 at 25℃. Most particles are 8.0~12.0pm, providing the best extinction and gloss control. Effect. In addition, commonly used wax-type matting agents include Ciba’s DT 3357, DT3329-1, DT3368 matting agents, Ningbo Nanhai Chemical Co., Ltd.’s XG605W delustering agent, Lu’an Jietongda Chemical Co., Ltd.’s SA206 matting agent, Deqian ( Shanghai) Chemical Co., Ltd.’s PW-176 matting agent. Wax type matting agent is non-reactive. It mainly produces matting effect through physical effects such as miscibility with the film-forming material. When the amount of addition is small, the matting effect is not Obviously, adding more matting effect is good, but it is easy to precipitate on the surface of the coating film to form a mist, which is easy to be contaminated and affects the appearance of the coating film. At the same time, it will also affect the dry powder fluidity of the powder coating, which will bring disadvantages to the manufacture and coating of powder coatings. The products with better matting effect among these matting agents are Ciba’s DT 3329-1, Ningbo Nanhai Chemical Co., Ltd.’s XG605W, Jietongda Chemical Co., Ltd.’s SA206, and Deqian (Shanghai) Chemical Co., Ltd.’s PW- 176 is a wax-type matting agent containing zinc, the gloss (60*) can reach about 30%, the appearance of the coating film is very smooth, and it is suitable for various types of powder coatings.

SA2067 produced by Jietongda Chemical Co., Ltd. is a resin-based non-reactive matting agent with low wax content. It has a softening point of 115~125°C, an apparent density of 550~560g/L, and a yellow fine powder with a volatile content of less than 0.5%. Ester/TGI C (triglycidyl isocyanurate) powder coating has better matting performance than SA206, and its 60° gloss can reach 20%. Because the wax content in the matting agent is low, the appearance of the coating film has good leveling properties.


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