Solubility of FTC Acid Catalyst B-CAT 3025

2021-11-29   Pageview:277

FTC Acid Catalyst B-CAT 3025 is soluble in: water, alcohol, butanone, esters, ethylene glycol ether, glycerol, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons.














Non-wax matting agent
The SA2065 matting agent produced by Jietongda Chemical Co., Ltd. is a wax-free resin-type non-reactive matting agent, softening point 128~134℃, apparent density 550~650g/L, white to light yellow with volatile content less than 0.5% The gloss of powder and coating film (60°) can reach 10%~70%, and it can be dispersed by melt extrusion mixing method. This matting agent has good baking heat stability, good yellowing resistance of the coating film, excellent leveling and mechanical properties, and is suitable for polyester resin/epoxy resin (quality) of 50/50 or 60/ For the system of 40, there is no need to adjust the ratio between them. The amount of SA2065 and the type of polyester resin affect the matting effect, and it is important to choose a suitable resin type to match.

SA2066 from Jietongda Chemical Co., Ltd. is also a wax-free resin-based non-reactive matting agent, with a softening point of 128~134°C, an apparent density of 550~600g/L, and a white to light yellow powder with a volatile content of less than 0.5%. The gloss (60°) of the coating film can reach 20%~70%. It is dispersed by melt extrusion mixing method. This matting agent has good baking thermal stability, and the coating film has good yellowing resistance and excellent flow. Flatness and mechanical properties, suitable for polyester/TGI C powder coatings, the amount of SA 2066 and the type of polyester have an effect on the gloss of the coating film.

Although in wax for solvent-based coatings, metal soaps such as aluminum stearate and zinc stearate, and functional filler fumed silica are often used as matting agents, the effect of these matting agents in powder coatings is not ideal. The lack of matting effect is not obvious, and the flatness of the appearance of the coating film is not good. Therefore, their application cannot obtain satisfactory results, and they are rarely used as matting agents.


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