Physical index of FTC acid catalyst B-CAT 3025

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FTC acid catalyst B-CAT 3025 is a closed type p-toluenesulfonic acid solution.
Appearance: transparent liquid
pH value: 6.0~7.0
Active ingredient (%): 25 ±1
Color (Gardner): 2 Max.
Solvent: Isopropyl alcohol
Minimum curing temperature (℃): 80












The matting principle of the matting curing agent is to use the reaction system of two curing agents with different reactivity in the powder coating formula. Because one of the reaction systems has a large curing reaction activity and a fast reaction speed, the other reaction system has a small curing reaction activity. , The reaction speed is slow, the reaction speed difference between the two film-forming reaction systems and the compatibility difference between the two reaction products, resulting in a microscopic surface roughness that diffuses and scatters light, and has poor reflectivity.Coating.

Matting agent
The commonly used matting agents in powder coatings include wax-type matting agents and non-wax-type matting agents. The following describes their varieties and characteristics in detail.

Wax type matting agent
Currently commonly used wax-type matting agents in powder coatings include polyethylene wax, polypropylene wax, polyethylene copolymer wax, polypropylene copolymer wax, modified polyvinyl fluoride wax and aliphatic amide modified wax. These wax-type matting agents include CH-2A polyethylene wax from Shanghai Plastic Additives Factory, and the amount is 1% to 3% of the total formula. There are also polyethylene wax AW52, micronized wax AW03 (made in Germany), AW65 (made in Germany), and sand pattern wax AS21 (made in the United States) produced by Guangzhou Tianlong Chemical Co., Ltd. AW52 is a low-density polyethylene wax, used for matting, lubricating, improving fluidity and enhancing scratch resistance. It can be added by melt extrusion mixing method (internal addition method) or dry mixing (external addition method), and the amount is the total amount of the formula 0.5%~3%. AW03 is a micronized polypropylene wax, which has the effects of matting, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, polishing resistance and slippage on the coating film. The dosage is 1% to 3% of the total formula, and it is dispersed by melt extrusion mixing method. AW65 is a micronized modified high-density polyethylene wax.

It is used for matting, lubricating, improving fluidity, anti-caking and enhancing anti-scratch performance. The dosage is 0.3%~1% of the total formula. It can be added internally or externally. Way to add. Sand grain wax (fine sand grain) AS21 is a modified polytetrafluoroethylene wax, used for matting, increasing hardness, scratch resistance, and can give the coating film a clear, uniform and stable texture. The dosage is 1% of the total formula. %~3%, dispersed by melt extrusion mixing method. HOT 822 low-gloss wax from Hubei Hongtu Chemical Products Co., Ltd. is used for coating film matting. The dosage is 1%~3% of the total formula, and it is dispersed by melt extrusion mixing method. The products of American SHAMROCK company include polyethylene wax S-379H, S-394N and S-395N (molecular weight, hardness and melting point are different), polyethylene copolymer S-381, polypropylene copolymer S-363, etc., Germany Lubo The products of LU BR-I ZOL include Lanco1394F, LancoPE1525MF, Lanco1550, Lanco1910MF, Lane o 1890 and Powder Add 9083.


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