Advantages of Zinc isocaprylate catalyst

2021-12-01   Pageview:249

Zinc isocaprylate can make the coating film dry thoroughly and have good hardness when used with the main drying agent. It promotes the oxidation polymerization inside the coating film. Due to its excellent wetting effect, it is adsorbed by the pigment particles before the main catalyst, thus protecting the main catalyst added later from being adsorbed and losing its activity. It can also be used as a catalyst for polyurethane coatings and elastomers, which can promote cross-linking of aliphatic isocyanates and shorten curing time.













Dot (pattern diffusion) agent is a special additive for powder coatings. When the additives and pigments are melted and extruded to obtain dot powders of different particle sizes, when they are mixed with various powder coatings, due to their mutual compatibility and maintain their own fluidity and diffusibility, the coating is Patterns of birds, leaves, multicolor, granite and gems are formed on the membrane.

The art of manufacturing this kind of fine art powder coating is firstly mixed with a stipple (pattern diffusion) agent and the pigment. After cooling and crushing, it is sieved through different sieves for 80 to 150 days to form dot powders of different particle sizes (patterns). Diffusion powder), powder coatings of different meshes produce patterns of different sizes. Add the dot powder (pattern diffusion powder) to the base powder at an amount of 0.1% to 6% of the amount of the foundation powder, and the effect of the diffusion dot pattern will appear. In the formula of the foundation powder, do not add or reduce the leveling agent, benzoin and other auxiliary agents. If the coating film is required to have good leveling properties, add some wax powder or a small amount of leveling agent to the foundation powder. A small amount of hammering agent or patterning agent can make the pattern effect of the coating film regular and strong three-dimensional.

At present, the varieties of spotting (pattern spreading) agents used in powder coatings include Guangzhou Tianlong Chemical Co., Ltd.’s AST-1 spotting agent and ASP spotting agent, and Hangzhou Zhongshun Chemical Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.’s pattern spreading agent ZS703.

The curing accelerator is an auxiliary agent added in order to accelerate the curing reaction speed between the resin and the curing agent in the powder coating, or to reduce the curing reaction temperature. The amount of these curing accelerators is much less than that of curing agents. Some participate in chemical reactions, and some do not participate in chemical reactions. They only reduce the activation energy of the chemical reaction, or accelerate the curing reaction speed, and act as a catalyst.


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