How to improve the waterproof performance of fruit bag paper?

2022-01-20   Pageview:298

Yukon fruit bag paper belongs to a kind of energy special paper, which is a special paper used for fruit bagging cultivation during the growth period of fruit trees. With the adoption of fruit sacking technology, it can greatly improve the coloring, cleanliness, integrity, commercial fruit rate and fruit storage time, and can also adjust the maturity period.

Bagging can also avoid a large number of pesticide residues, the production of fruit color, no blemishes, a large shape. Because of this, the fruit bag paper requires paper with good water resistance and breathability and strength. Good hydrophobic fruit bag paper is rainwater drenched, rainwater can become a ball-like slide from the paper surface, the paper’s wet strength, resistance to breakage can be in a longer period of time without greater impact, extending the service life.

Double-layer paper bags, the outer bag for the fruit bag paper, the inner bag (generally red or black) coated with wax, belonging to the low-temperature, high humidity type bags, the temperature inside the bag during the day is lower than the outside temperature, humidity is slightly higher than the outside world. With low temperature and high humidity type fruit bag fruit expansion faster, slightly lower flesh hardness, more juice, slightly lower sugar content, less corky layer formation, smooth fruit surface, anti-sunburn, fruit ripening period has advanced. Inner bag wax coating should be high-quality paraffin wax, melting point of 56 ℃ or more, wax coating uniform, this inner bag waterproof and high temperature resistance, help to maintain the relative stability of the small environment inside the bag.

The use of poor-quality paper bags can lead to apple black spot disease, but also may appear in the apple early abscission, sunburn, deformity, uneven receding green, fruit surface is not polished, uneven gray coloring and other problems. Therefore, fruit farmers should be preferred to high-quality apple nursery fruit paper bags.

Tianshi wax emulsion LW-102 can substantially improve the water resistance and light and heat aging of paper, enhance the quality of fruit bag paper, and improve the quality of fruit at the same time. The construction process has two processes of sizing within the pulp and post-coating production.

1, Wax emulsion LW-102 has a very good waterproof and moisture-proof effect.

2, It is applied to the outer coating of various paper materials.

3, It can be used with multi-fold dilution with water.

4, Resistant to hard water.

5, It has very good effect.

The wax for fruit bag paper is applied to the water-based coating as an efficient surface hydrophobic agent and anti-adhesive agent, which can significantly reduce the surface tension of the coating film; it can migrate to the surface of the coating to form a protective film during the drying process of the coating film, producing a good water repellent and anti-adhesive effect. This product is a non-ionic system, acid and alkali resistant, and is suitable for high gloss system with good stability of resin emulsion compounding.


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