Zinc isocaprylate catalyst

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Zinc isocaprylate can be used in all kinds of air-drying paints, zinc salt is an auxiliary catalyst with light color and low odor, and it has more good characteristics when used in light-colored paints, which can reduce the color and improve the gloss of the paint film, and is an upgraded product of zinc isocaprylate.














Adhesion promoter
No matter what role the coating film plays on the substrate, its prerequisite must be able to adhere to the substrate, and the adhesion strength must be maximized. Because in addition to the latest technology of nano and lotus effect coatings, there are still many micropores on the surface of general paint films. If the adhesion is not maximized, various small molecules such as oxygen, water, and salts in the environment can be used. Penetrating these small micropores will damage the wax for adhesion and adhesion of the coating film and the substrate, and even cause the paint film to peel off. In order to maximize the adhesion of the paint film, the metal substrate can be treated mechanically or chemically. The function of the mechanical method is to purify the substrate, roughen the surface of the substrate, increase the surface area, and then increase the adhesion strength. A typical method is sandblasting. The chemical method is to treat the metal substrate with acid to roughen or inert the metal surface to improve the adhesion strength or prevent corrosion and paint film peeling.

With the diversification of coating substrates, from wood, iron, cement mortar plastering exterior walls, to various non-ferrous metals, plastics, leather, paper, glass fiber reinforced plastics, etc., mechanical or chemical methods can no longer fully satisfy all substrates. The adhesion of materials can increase the demand, or the economic benefits of painting cannot be achieved. Therefore, the development of various resins and the optimization of coating formulations are endless. However, in addition to the adhesion of the coating film, the cost-effectiveness, competitiveness, compatibility and adjustability of the formulation must also be considered. Not all application requirements can be met through the development of resins, and an effective, economical and convenient method to improve adhesion It is the application of adhesion promoters.

Due to the wide variety of substrates, including metal, inorganic, plastic and various composite substrates. At the same time, various additives manufacturers continue to develop and provide adhesion promoters suitable for different substrates, different needs and different chemical structures according to the formulation of the coating, baking conditions, and the environment that the coating film is subjected to, including the earliest silane coupling. Coupling agent, with catalytic and postscript promotion of titanate, zirconate and zirconate aluminate, phosphate adhesion promoter, chlorinated polyolefin adhesion promoter, polyolefin adhesion promoter and polymer Adhesion promoters, etc.


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