Physical indexes of DMEA as a coating catalyst

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Appearance: colorless or slightly yellow liquid with ammonia odor
Boiling point: 134.6℃
Melting point: -59.0℃
Relative density: 0.8879
Refractive index: 1.4296
Flash point: 40℃
Solubility: miscible with water, ethanol, benzene, ether and acetone, etc.














Leid Heiser also discussed the mechanism of the cathodic corrosion inhibitor:
① Change the cathode reaction:
②Affect the structure of corroded products or corroded metal;
③Change the properties of metal oxides on the surface:
①Deposition or formation of an insoluble barrier layer on the metal surface;
⑤The formation of complex intermetallic compounds;
③The adsorption of cations or metal atoms on the metal substrate

Mixed corrosion inhibitor
Some corrosion inhibitors can inhibit both the anode reaction of the electrode process and the cathode reaction at the same time. This type of corrosion inhibitor is called a hybrid corrosion inhibitor. The influence of this kind of corrosion inhibitor on the corrosion electrochemical process is mainly manifested in the following three aspects.

(1) Corrosion inhibitors that generate insolubles with the anode reaction ptfe powder malaysia product can interact with the metal ions generated by the anode dissolution reaction, and make the reduction process of oxygen on the cathode difficult.
(2) Forming colloidal substances Compounds that can form a complex colloidal system can be used as effective corrosion inhibitors. The negatively charged colloidal particles are mainly concentrated and deposited in the anode area to inhibit the anode process. The gel and Fe(OH) precipitate together, which can inhibit the reduction of oxygen.
(3) Some organics adsorb on the metal surface. Some organics can be adsorbed on the metal surface to achieve corrosion inhibition.
In addition to the above description, we can also use the polarization diagram to describe the inhibitory effect of the corrosion inhibitor on the electrode reaction. Figure 22-5 is the polarization diagram of the metal in the active zone.


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