The Role Of PE Wax In Hot Melt Coatings

2023-01-04   Pageview:409

The role of pe wax in hot-melt coatings, the application of pe wax is very extensive, the wax micropowder in the coating is melted and dispersed in the resin melt when heated. When it is cooled to form a film, it will be precipitated from the resin.

1. Micro-wax powder is precipitated from the coating melt during the film-forming process of powder coatings, forming fine particles that float on the surface of the coating to play the role of texture, matting, smoothness, anti-friction, anti-adhesion, and stain resistance. role.
2. Texture and matting: when the coating film is cooled, the wax particles are precipitated from the coating liquid and migrate to the surface of the coating, resulting in a matting effect. In powder coating. Different wax micropowders have different effects on gloss. Adding 1% reduces gloss by around 15%.
3. Wax powder exists on the surface of the coating in the form of dispersed particles, which reduces the friction coefficient of the coating. When an object hits the surface of the coating, the tendency to slide is greater than the tendency to scratch, reducing friction and being polished, maintaining low gloss durability.
4. Wax micropowder enhances the wetting and dispersion of pigment aggregates, improving the coloring strength of pigments. Adding 1%-3% can increase the coloring strength of the pigment by 10%-30%.
5. Wax micropowder endows the coating with a comfortable texture, anti-adhesion, and stain resistance. When foreign matter comes into contact with the coating film it often leaves black marks. Wax particles on the surface of the coating can reduce this stain or make the stain easy to wipe off.

Waxes for coatings are mainly added in the form of additives. Wax additives generally exist in the form of water emulsions and are initially used to improve the surface anti-spreading properties of coating films. It mainly includes improving the smoothness, scratch resistance and water resistance of the coating film. In addition, it can also affect the rheological properties of the paint, and its addition can make the orientation of solid particles such as aluminum powder in the metallic flash paint uniform.


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