Usage of BJ-789 anti-mildew agent for putty powder

2021-10-26   Pageview:285

BJ-789 anti-mildew agent for diatomaceous mud has good stability and pH adaptability. It is used in the dry mix system of cellulose, gum powder, putty powder, diatomaceous mud, etc. plus anti-bacterial and anti-mildew preservative.

Addition amount 0.3-0.5%










Multifunctional initiators can be used to synthesize hyperbranched polymers. For example, the initiator Z 5- B (contains about 19 initiation points) initiates AT RP polymerization of styrene (cyclohexanone is the solvent, and the volume fraction is 50%) to obtain hyperbranched polystyrene. After the bromine end group is azidized, it is reacted with C60. A hyperbranched polystyrene C60 derivative is obtained, and this hyperbranched C60 derivative can be used as a light confinement material.

Other types of initiators
1 Group transfer polymerization (GTP) initiator
Group transfer polymerization (GTP) is a new polymer synthesis method that enables the montan wax acid living polymerization of alpha methacrylate, acrylate and their derivatives. The polymerization process is also divided into three steps: initiation, growth and termination. The initiators used in GTP are mainly ketene silicone acetals and their derivatives with special structures, including ketene silicone acetals and other organosilicon compounds, organotin and organogermanium initiators, and functional initiators.
Ketene silicone acetals and other organosilicon compounds Many organosilicon compounds can be used as initiators for group transfer polymerization. When selecting the initiator, it should be noted that the reaction rate of the initiator and the monomer (that is, the initiation rate k) is greater than or at least equal to the growth rate (k,) to ensure effective control of the relative molecular weight and molecular weight distribution of the resulting polymer.


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