How to solve the stickiness problem of printing paste

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Printed gum paste is very good in coverage, so that dark clothes can also be printed on light colors, and there is a certain degree of gloss and three-dimensional sense, so that the finished clothes look more high-grade, so it has been rapidly popular. And the process of printing gum paste is the gum paste printing process, which applies a special chemical gel to mix with the dye in a highly seamless manner. The dye is firmly attached to the fabric through the medium of the gel, and the gum paste printing process overcomes the limitations of water paste printing. But the gum paste printing process often appear back to the sticky phenomenon, so what is the reason for the gum paste printing back to sticky?

 Printing glue paste in the use of the process of back sticky reasons

1, The paste itself poor anti-adhesive, especially in the humid weather easy back stick.

2, After the printing is finished, it is packed without perfect heat treatment.

3, Inappropriate sizing formula, adding too much transparent pulp is easy to cause back sticky.

4, Poor transportation or storage conditions, long-term stacking under high temperature and high humidity.


1, Choose a good anti-adhesive paste printing.

2, Good heat treatment for printed products.

3, Pay attention to the slurry formula, if the transparent pulp accounts for a larger proportion of easy to cause back sticky, so you can add the right amount of curing agent or anti-viscosity agent to deal with, and in the printing paste preparation process, adding anti-viscosity wax emulsion can effectively anti-viscosity problems, but also to enhance the feel of the coating film, wear-resistant, anti-fouling water resistance, high temperature anti-viscosity excellent performance.

After the printing paste anti-adhesive agent LW-102 is dispersed into the printing paste system, in the process of physical drying or curing cross-linking after the construction of the printing paste, the wax particles will drift to the surface of the paste, gradually migrate to the surface of the paste, thus playing a certain protective role, so that the fabric is not easy to stick with other materials, and therefore can significantly improve the scratch resistance of the surface of the paste, anti-adhesive.


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