Introduction of polyurethane coating

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Polyurethane powder coating coating not only has excellent physical and mechanical properties, but also has more comprehensive chemical resistance, especially not easy to yellowing, weatherability and light resistance.














With the improvement of environmental regulations, non-chlorination requirements for chlorinated polyolefin adhesion promoters have also emerged, and manufacturers have also developed non-chlorine polyolefin adhesion promoters. At the same time, in order to meet the requirements of water-based coatings, manufacturers have also introduced water-based chlorinated polyolefin adhesion promoter products. In addition, for the one-time coating requirements and the application requirements for the good wettability of aluminum paste and pigments, there are also acrylic modified polyolefins (AcC PO) modified with acrylic acid, which not only eliminates the need for PP and thermoplastic polyolefins. Various pre-treatments also greatly improve the convenience of formulation design and coating.

Since the plastic substrate is usually not a pure single component, whether it is the addition of various fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, release agents (release agents) or antioxidants, it has actually changed its original characteristics. , Especially when environmental protection is promoted and recycling is required, the commercially available plastic material is no longer a single-component plastic. For example, the proportion of ABS on the market in addition to its own three plastic components varies depending on the brand of each manufacturer In addition, the problem of adhesion will be more complicated due to factors such as whether to add people to recycle plastics, and which types of recyclable plastics are added. Another example is the process of fuel-saving and light-weighting of automobiles. A large number of plastics such as polypropylene are used in automobile best ptfe car wax bumpers and automobile interiors. In addition to matching EPDM with the performance requirements of different parts, they also face similar problems with doped recycled plastics. However, based on the concept of environmental protection, for the above-mentioned complex and derivative problems of plastic components, it depends on the paint formulator to further carefully adjust the formula, choose a more versatile resin or match the most appropriate adhesion promoter, and this is also the future of plastic adhesion. Important topics, Supply and sales manufacturers: Hard len (Toyo Kasei), Chlorinated poly-olefin CP (Eastman Chemical).

Polymer type adhesion promoter
Such products usually have hydrocarbon groups, carboxyl groups, ether groups, ester groups, epoxy groups, olefins and other groups, coupled with special structural design, usually have higher hydrocarbon groups, acid value, and improve flexibility to improve the coating The adhesion of metal substrates, inorganic substrates or part of plastic substrates. In addition, certain polymer adhesion promoters can also improve the firmness and alcohol resistance of metal pigments in metal coatings.


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