Applications of polyurethane powder coatings

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The application range is particularly wide, mainly used in decorative coating for outdoor occasions, such as bicycles, motorcycles, cars, etc.. In addition, the easy thin-layer feature makes it particularly suitable for the coating of pre-painted metal materials (PCM). The powder coating can be used to advantage in many applications including industry, agriculture, transportation, and aerospace.














Adhesion: 0 to 5 grades, 0 means good adhesion, no shedding, 1 means shedding area <5%, 2 means shedding area 5%~15%, 3 means shedding area 15%~35%, 4 means shedding area 35%~65%, 5 means the shedding area is ≥65%.
Bending resistance: The smaller the diameter, the better the bending resistance.

Special effect adhesion promoter
In aluminum powder paint, because of the high content of aluminum powder in the formula design and the coating film made of ordinary polymer-free aluminum powder, it is easy to drop the aluminum powder. In order to improve this phenomenon, solid aluminum powder additives are added. Products such as Adher an tAP W of Deqian (Shanghai) Chemical Co., Ltd. have active hydrogen groups on the chemical structure of the polymer. The surface of aluminum powder and copper powder is chemically bonded to form protection, ptfe powder application thereby preventing the drop of aluminum powder and copper powder, and at the same time improving the alcohol resistance of the aluminum powder paint film, which is also a polymer adhesion promoter.

The performance test conditions are as follows:
Spraying aluminum paste paint on ABS board: baking at 60°C or 80°C for 20 minutes, the addition amount of adhesion promoter is 0, 1%, 3%, 5% when baking at 60°C, and the addition amount is blank when baking at 80°C Test and 3%, the test panel after cooling for 1 hour will be tested for alcohol resistance and solid silver resistance on the same day, the second day, and the third day.

Alcohol resistance test: Wipe back and forth regularly with a friction decoloring tester. The wiping cloth is moistened with alcohol and the load is 500g, with 50 times as a unit. If the aluminum powder is not dissolved, continue rubbing until the wiping cloth is stained with aluminum powder, read the number of times, and observe the damage on the surface of the coating film.

Solid silver test: After sticking with 3M tape (Scotch Brand Tape, Core Series4-1000) and pulling it strongly, observe whether the tape adheres to aluminum powder, and observe the integrity of the coating film.


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