Characteristics of Brazilian carnauba wax

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Brazilian carnauba wax is a yellow solid, hard and brittle, water insoluble vegetable wax flake. Natural Brazilian carnauba wax is a natural vegetable wax extracted from the leaves of the palm tree that grows in northeastern Brazil, South America. It plays an important role in preventing the evaporation of water from Brazilian palm trees in dry areas.


1, Glossiness is one of the main features of Brazilian carnauba wax. It is widely used in the coating of sugar-coated chocolate, granulated chewing gum, nutritional food tablets in the field of food and medicine, and it is also widely used in automotive wax and floor wax, leather polish, etc.

2, Brazilian carnauba wax also has good emulsification, adhesion, friction, release, slip and viscosity hardness adjustment, and is one of the most widely used natural waxes in the world.

3, In the cosmetic industry, the formulation of Brazilian carnauba wax is commonly used for lipstick, make-up, perfume, hair coloring and care, sunscreen products. As well as some nail and skin care products, personal cleaning products, etc. Lipstick, concealer, powder, blush and other facial makeup products using Brazilian carnauba wax has the advantage of preventing water-oil separation and increasing the consistency of emulsion, solid and stick oil concentration.

4, Fruit peel surface waxing. The use of Brazilian carnauba wax for fruit coating allows the fruit to retain its initial appearance for a relatively long period of time: firm, full and fresh. This coating protects the fruit from bruising during transport, makes it more aesthetically pleasing, and also extends the life of the fruit.


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