Closed type acid catalyst YSM-250

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The closed sulfonic acid catalyst can significantly reduce the coating film-forming temperature or shorten the curing time of the coating, and the coating film has high gloss, excellent surface properties and excellent weathering resistance and outdoor stability. In baking paints, it can greatly reduce the cross-linking reaction temperature of baking paints and has excellent storage stability compared to uncontained catalysts.












The titanate coupling agent produced by Zhejiang Lin’an Shengli Coating Auxiliary Factory [1, the trade name is titanate coupling agent-28 (abbreviated as Ti-28). Titanium-28 can be used in solvent-based coatings, or it can be dispersed in water-based coatings at high speed to improve the filling capacity and wear resistance. Titanium 28 has the effects of flame retardancy, corrosion resistance, improving adhesion, etc., and can reduce the baking temperature of the coating. Titanium-28 is used in polyurethane coatings to improve paint film adhesion, scratch resistance and gloss. Metal pigments are treated with titanium-28, which can improve dispersibility, prevent sedimentation and increase gloss. The dosage is 0.6%~2.0% of the pigment amount.

The bis(dioctyl) pyrophosphoryloxy-2-hydroxyacetate titanium produced by Jiangnan Auxiliary Factory in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, with the trade name JN-115, is a chelating titanate, which can be used to treat high-humidity pigments and improve Its dispersibility in organic systems has obvious dispersing effects on inorganic pigments such as titanium dioxide, chromium pigments, iron red, silicon dioxide, etc. It also has an effect on phthalocyanine organic pigments and carbon black, which can improve The dispersibility of this kind of pigment in the resin improves the adhesion of the coating film to the substrate. When JN-115 is used to treat the gelatinized alkyd enamel due to long storage time, just add about 0.8% of JN-115, and proper stirring can restore the gelled alkyd enamel. After treating pigments and fillers with it, the corrosion resistance of pigments and fillers can be significantly improved. JN-115 is suitable for various solvent-based systems and can also be used to process pigments. JN-115A is suitable for water-based paints, or dissolve in water to treat ptfe powder manufacturer in india coated pigments and fillers. The dosage is 0.5%~3.0% of the amount of pigment.

Non-reactive resins such as polyester resins or polyketone resins are sometimes used to improve the adhesion of the coating to the metal substrate and/or primer. Their dosage is 5% to 15% of the solids of the binder. These resins can improve the adhesion of many coatings to smooth surfaces, difficult metals and certain polymers. Thus, they also improve the adhesion between coatings.


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