The dosage of anti-mildew agent for paints ASD-YT

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This product can be added at any stage of production, it is recommended to add 1-2% of the total weight of the paint, and can be added directly during the grinding or mixing process. In order to ensure the dispersion of the paint anti-mildew agent after adding, the product must be fully stirred with the oil-based paint.












In epoxy and polyurethane coatings, the addition of silane can improve corrosion resistance and wet adhesion, mainly mercapto and diamino silanes, among which mercapto silanes are more effective than diamino silanes. Adding the same silicon to burn is more effective on the oxides on the surface of aluminum than on the surface of steel. In addition, in vinyl resin primer and polyester paint, adding silane additives can also greatly improve its corrosion resistance and wet adhesion, and some can also improve its storage stability. The silane adhesion promoters are mainly developed and produced by Union Carbide Corp., and they are 7-stream propyltrimethoxysilane (trade name A-189).

Dow Corning also has similar silane products.
Titanate and other additives
In the coating, one end of the molecule of the organic titanate can be adsorbed on the surface of the pigment or filler in a mono-molecular layer or a multi-molecular layer, or firmly coupled to the surface of the pigment or filler in the form of a chemical bond, while the other end of the molecule is Combining with the organic base material in the coating system through physical winding and chemical bonding can effectively change the state of the interface between inorganic and organic matter and increase adhesion. Various substrates ptfe wheel wax such as steel, glass, wood and other surfaces can be used. The chemically bonded hydroxyl and carboxyl groups, through the action of organic titanate, can make the organic coating and the substrate more closely bond to reduce viscosity, improve adhesion and corrosion resistance.

For example, the KenReaetKR38S component of Ken rich Petrochemicals, Inc. is titanium (IV) isopropoxide tris(dioctyl) pyrophosphate, which is mainly used in oily alkyd/polyester, polyurethane, and epoxy coatings to reduce viscosity. , It can increase the ratio of pigment to base, improve moisture resistance and salt spray resistance, and the dosage is 0.5%~1.0% of the pigment amount.

The monoalkoxy pyrophosphate titanate produced by the second chemical plant in Tianchang County, Anhui, is traded as TC-894. It has wetting and dispersing effects and can improve the water resistance of the paint. The amount is 1%~2% of the pigment amount.


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