Marking paint compressive strength is not high?

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As a vibration additive, oxidized polyethylene wax has a low price and very low dosage, the cost is only about 30 yuan/ton on the basis of ordinary coating. It can be added directly in the ordinary coating during on-site construction, and its performance is extremely stable and suitable for all types of hot-melt marking coatings.

The compressive strength of hot melt marking coating is not high? Polypropylene wax to solve: polypropylene wax is a chemical produced by cracking and cut off by heating and crushed by hot air, with high melting point (usually higher than polyethylene wax), good lubricity, good dispersibility and small melt viscosity. The replacement of polyethylene wax in hot melt coatings can increase the compressive strength and hardness of hot melt marking coatings exponentially without any additives.

 The role of polyethylene wax in the coating

The main role of polyethylene wax in solvent-based coating is: matting, scratch resistance, anti-abrasion, anti-polishing, anti-carving, anti-adhesive, anti-sedimentation, thixotropy; good lubricity and processability; metal pigment positioning. The principle of polyethylene wax is like this: polyethylene wax dissolves in solvent at high temperature (about 100-140℃), and precipitates when cooled to room temperature, and exists in coating in the form of microcrystals, because its thixotropy is beneficial to the storage of coating, and after the application of coating construction, it can migrate to the surface layer of coating film during solvent evaporation, and finally forms a “waxed” surface layer with other components of coating “waxed” surface layer.

 The role of polyethylene wax depends on the following factors

The specification of the polyethylene wax species, the fineness size of the final formed particles, the ability to migrate to the surface layer of the coating film and the composition of the coating, the nature of the coated substrate, the construction application method, etc.

  Application of polyethylene wax

Used in various hot melt adhesives, thermosetting powder coatings, road marking paint, delineation paint’s, do dispersant, have good anti-settling effect, and make the products have good gloss and three-dimensional sense.


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